Swazi Rally 2014

Close to 4 000 Bikers attend Swazi Rally

Swazi Observer: 03/09/2014

SIDVOKODVO-The annual Swazi Rally which took place over the weekend was a big success with an attendance of close to 4 000 bikers. The event took place at the Riders Ranch at Sidvokodvo. Even the E200 entrance fee did not deter the spirit of motorbike fanatics as they came in their numbers. As has been the norm in previous years, most of the teams which took part in the event were from South African towns including Nelspruit,Johannesburg and Eastern Cape among others. The organisers seemed to have done their homework well as there was ample space not only for cars but also for the many camp tents which the bikers came with and the venue࣡mpsite was fully booked. Even some of the motorbike riders who were interviewed were excited at the many improvements seen this yearॶent. Bikers started flocking into the place on Monday and neighbouring areas must have had a hectic time dealing with the noise caused by the bikers as they revved their bikes. The organisers also did well in getting the best entertainers for the many bikers as DJs Wicked, X-tra Luv and Ice were there to get everyone dancing on both Friday and Saturday night. Another local act which entertained was Dusty and Stones whose performance was loved by the many South Africans. The group outdid itself on Saturday night and no one could blame the bikers for shouting for an encore when the group had performed about 10 songs. With everyone seemingly having come with one intention which was to have fun, the strippers were there to take everyone to another level. Saturday night also saw the organisers giving away different prizes and awards to different individuals.

Hoodrats club was awarded with the Biggest Club title for having over 50 members that came on motor bikes. Lothan from Walvis Bay in Cape Town walked away with the prize for the longest ride as he did 2250 kilometers to the Swazi Rally site. The Best Bike Orchestra was won by Impi Riders from KwaZulu Natal. The Eagles took the award for Best Color while one Lebohang Mphatsoe became the lucky lady on Saturday night when she won E20 000 during a raffle draw. Four senior South African bikers, Graham, Toya, Kookies and Mark received prizes for being the longest serving bikers who have been attending the event for 20 years. Sonia Paiva, one of the organisers thanked all the teams that took part and said they were already preparing for next yearॶent. ⥰arations for next yearӷazi Rally will commence this month. We need to thank our local motor bike clubs and individuals who include Swazi Boy Motor Cycle, Nhlanhla from Good Fellas and the Kings Brigade for the help that they provided she said.

Over 100 motorbike clubs take part

SIDVOKODVO – Over 100 motorbike clubs took part in this yearÓ·azi Rally. The whole venue was decorated with the colors of the teams and seeing the bikers in their uniforms especially the biker jackets was awesome. Some South African bikers even came with their children and the young ones did not disappoint as they wowed everyone with their own biker stunts. Sonia Paiva, one of the organisers, said they were very excited at this yearà´µrn out and were happy that everyone had fun. 詳 yearॶent was well attended. We are very grateful for all the improvements made because otherwise we wouldnਡve been able to accommodate all these people? she said. She also said they were excited at the fact that more and more Swazis were now showing interest in the sport. ï²¥ and more people from Swaziland are attending the event which is a good sign. We would like to thank our sponsors for the great support Paiva said. A percentage of the profits made from the event will go towards the Woman Farmer competition as well as to a destitute family which the Paiva family looks after in Mandulo.

Sibebe a favorite

SIDVOKODVO-The country`s  beer brand, Sibebe Lager, proved to be a favourite among the many South African bikers who attended the Swazi Rally on Saturday. Journalists who walked around checking the camp site found many South African bikers enjoying the local beer. Even though some of them labelled the beer with a provocative name (cannot be printed for ethical reasons), they did acknowledge the fact that they were enjoying it. 詳 beer is good. I like it and for once I will not be drinking whisky. Ità­¥ and the Swazi beer this weekend,? said Xolo from Eastern Cape.