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To make Swazi Rally the best rally in Southern Africa.


The only rally in Swaziland focusing on quality entertainment, best value for money and service, its aim is to promote the biking community.


Swazi Rally is an annual biker’s event held at Riders Ranch in Sidvokodvo, Swaziland. From 1993 to date the rally has been held over the last weekend in August. Carlos Paiva with the help of his wife Sonia and a dedicated team began the Swazi Rally 25 years ago.

The first Swazi Rally at Riders Ranch was held in a shed which had no walls situated where the hall is now a permanent structure. Toilets had to be hired and water was shipped in with water tanks. From humble beginnings the venue has grown in leaps and bounds all under the supervision of the owner – Carlos. This year once again, patrons will be pleasantly surprised at yet more changes, including a larger hall tiled and ceiling on top , more ablution facilities and a professional drag strip and skid pad.

Out of the initial attendees a few have never missed a Swazi Rally. They have seen the trees that were planted growing over the years and they now claim ownership of those trees. Having our own site has enabled us to develop even further. The journey to the site comprises of picturesque scenery along meandering roads with lots of twists and turns. With the hike in attendance each year, we have been forced to increase their camping facilities to allow more bikers to attend.

This large biking event attracts bikers from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Mozambique and Swaziland who cram the entire site for a weekend of fun.

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Swazi Rally and Yamaha had the prospect to show the community that they care about them by donating E60 000 in cash and E15 000 worth of food to different facilities and communities. The collaboration was done to help enrich lives through R3 tickets sales.

Our legacy

A house donated by Swazi Rally to disabled young men last year

Swazi Bikers in collaboration with Swazi Rally handed over donations from proceeds of a raffle Yamaha R3 motorcycle at Riders Ranch on the 9th of December 2017 to deserving recipients short listed by various motorcycle clubs. This was made possible by the hard and dedicated work of Mrs Sonia Paiva who initially encountered difficulties in sourcing the prize from sponsor Yamaha. Swazi Bikers sold tickets to the value of E60, 000 which was short of E40 000. 00 as the main target was E100 000.00.

Under normal circumstances the proceeds would have built a house for a family but it would have only benefitted that family, so wisely, it was decided as a collective that the proceeds would be shared with charities that were in ominous need of assistance where a lot more would have been a benefit from the proceeds.

Swazi Bikers is made up of a number of motorcycling clubs who operate independently of each other short listed recipients of their choice. Donations to the value of E15 000 which came in the form food or seeds were handed over to recipients which included Mawelawela Woman’s Prison, Emkhuzweni family, Stumbo’s Care Point, Phuzumoya Care Point and Lobamba Care Point.

Representatives of Yahama were in attendance at the handover and so was Mr Carlos Paiva of Riders Ranch. Mr Paiva gratefully thanked them for the sponsorship which resulted in Swazi Bikers making it possible to assist in any way possible to the communities where there was need for help.

Woman Farmer Foundation

One of the Ten Commandments in the Bible states that the abundance of loving thy neighbour as you love thy self. Quoting this was Make Dlamini of Emkhuzweni who has undertook to the privilege of taking care of her neighbours and 5 OVCs. This to many would seem as easy as taking a walk but indeed far from reality. The family who are as a result of a man having nine wives, with some of whom do not even know each other and aren’t in a position of sustaining themselves.

She was given food, fertilizer, a sprayer, maize and bean seeds which is believed sustain her and her family together with the community and children she takes care of. She has the opportunity to farm on her own land.

Khosi Mkwanazi from Luve currently caters 25 OVC’s in this area. She is one of the 20 woman appreciated by Women Farmer for her efforts in dairy, chicken, maize and bean farming. It has come to the Chief’s attention of Khosi’s good will and has advocated that she take the initiative of looking after all the vulnerable children in the area. The communities will be visited in again in January to be assisted with more with shortages within the community.

Phuzumoya, Stumbo and Madlangempisi Care Point Centres all received food. Other recipients will receive their portion at a date to be announced as this was subject to confirmation of their needs.

Brotherhood is the true spirit of biking. In getting support to raise funds, the Bikers respectfully encouraged that all members of the biking fraternity work together as a collective to make things better for everyone else and may it be a norm to them.

Mrs Sonia Paiva, who is the founder of Woman Farmer Foundation that has turned the lives of many women of who in their own righ can write success stories as to how this initiative has changed their lives for the better and that of their communities as well. Currently there are 2000 women on the programme and the public at large is invited to support and participate. A healthy mind and body can only build better communities and better communities can indeed make a better country for all.

This is only the beginning and it is encouraged for better working and understanding between the bikers and supporters that the change is within and starts with you. Swazi Boyz Motor Cycle Club received donations, from proceeds of the Yamaha R3 raffle, from Swazi Rally to the value of E15, 000.00, which enabled our club to reach goals we would not have reached until a certain period of time.

It is the first time we have had this kind of support and it is with great gratitude to Yamaha who donated the motorbike being a Yamaha R3, Mrs. Sonia Paiva who with untiring efforts successfully negotiated for the prize, and Swazi Rally who coordinated and made it possible for the raffling of the motorcycle which enabled a number of our local clubs to extend goals set out to assist the less privileged than themselves.

We have three major care point centres which we have “adopted” which are Madlangempisi Care Point Centre, Phuzumoya Care Point Centre and Stumbo Care Point Centre.


Swazi Boyz stopped at the care point centre in Madlangenpisi in the East of Swaziland, where there is a number of poverty stricken families. The Centre takes care of children between the ages of 2 and 9 years old, totaling 120 children. The community was very appreciative of the donations of food, toys, pots and a supply of water for the Centre. A water tank was set up at by Swazi Boyz MCC approximately three years ago and ensured that the tank had water for the sole use of the Care Point Centre. Unfortunately, on our visit the majority of the children had left the area for Christmas Holiday’s but there were a few there to welcome us.


Phuzumoya Care Point Centre is located between Siphofaneni and Big Bend which is known for its hot and dry weather. This care point was founded by a driver for the former Commissioner of Police, who caters for children 3 to 8 years of age. There are currently 30 children of which 17 are girls and 13 boys. In addition to the food and clothes we also ensure that water is available for the children where tanks previously set up by the bikers are filled by the Swaziland Water Services.


This care point centre was founded by a retired soccer player, Mr Rodney Charles, and his wife Lynne. This care point is supported by us for all the good he does for the youth in the Malkerns area, as they are given the opportunity to develop healthy minds and bodies as well as given a purpose. Most importantly the children in this area have something to look forward to something positive as opposed to being drawn to the negatives that have an adverse effect on the growth of young children in this day and age.

The Hospitals and Prison

The Hyena concentrated on the following places namely, Mbabane government hospital, Manzini Nazarene Hospital and Mawelawela Prison for women, whereby they were solely concentrating on women and kids adding value to the less privileged in hospital and Prison and this exercised was done on Christmas day, to enlighten up Christmas spirit.

The initiative started by the Bikers is one of many, but not too many, therefore adopting the spirit of helping our brothers and sisters in need is the path that will take out beloved country to greater junctions and create the spirit of unity within the people of Swaziland.

OVER 7000 BIKERS AT SWAZI RALLY 2017- www.times.co.sz/entertainment/114684-over-7000-bikers-at-swazi-rally-2017.html.

SIDVOKODVO – The Swazi Rally continues to attract more revellers each year. This year’s rally was attended by over 7 000 bikers. The numbers have increased by at least 1 000 when compared to last year.

Bikers started coming into the campsite as early as Wednesday and finally filled up the Riders Ranch campsite on Friday night. The increasing numbers witnessed has prompted the organisers of the rally to start preparation for the 2018 event as early as possible.

Swazi Rally Director Sonia Paiva said they were impressed with this year’s figures adding that the increasing numbers each and every year was a sign that the event would soon become a well-recognised national event.

She said as they had prepared for the 2017 rally well, and tried to ensure that everything was in place for the bikers to enjoy. Paiva said they were still looking at ways of improving the rally in order to make it bigger even next year.

“We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary next year and we are expecting more people to attend the event and therefore we need to make sure that everything is in order,” she said. She thanked all the bikers who attended the rally especially those who came from other countries.

She also noted that the riding game was taking centre stage in the country highlighting that there were so many bikers who were interested in owning motorbikes. Paiva emphasised that they will try by all means to see to it that any challenges they faced this year are addressed in order to make the next festival even better. “One should urge all the bikers to start preparing for the 25th edition of the Swazi Rally as early as possible as it will be the best,” she said.

In addition to the Rally’s legacy, a house and a toilet was built by Swazi Rally to a disabled young man with cancer and the surrounding community were pampered with food, clothing and kids were taken care of in Makhungutja area in the year 2016, as form of social responsibility.

Swazi Rally donates a house, giving back to community 2015

Gogo Josephine Sibandze (73) was over the weekend presented with a two-room house worth over E50 000 by Swazi Rally as part of their legacy project.

The elderly woman of Ebuseleni, a community set apart by the Mkhondvo River, was presented with the much welcome Christmas present which culminates from a relationship which spans nearly a decade. Explaining this relationship, founder Carlos Paiva said they approached her after two bikers had an accident in the hills behind her house and asked her to keep the bikes within her homestead. 襠emptied one of her huts and removed the occupants to allow us to store the motor bikes,?Paiva explained, adding that this shocked them as it was unexpected. Even though they collected the bikes a few days later, the relationship continued with Swazi Rally helping according to her needs. He said though their initial budget was E35 000, the poor road conditions escalated the amount as they had to transport most of the materials to the homestead perched on the face of a hill. They also had to add a retaining wall at the back of the house so that it would not flood after noting how her stick and mud hut kitchen lost most of its wall after the rains. Over the years Sibandze has been given food parcels by the group as well as had clean water delivered for cooking and drinking as they have over the years relied on a stream which is near the home which is also used by livestock making it unsafe to drink. Recounting how the elderly woman never ceased to amaze them with her unselfishness, Paiva said they once brought her food and about five loaves of bread. Expecting her to hold on to it and only give her family members, they were shocked to see her sharing the little that she had with her neighbours.

The woman who rears donkeys which she uses as beasts of burden and for ploughing fields said she was very excited about having a solid roof over her head. She admitted that she was so excited she would have moved in even before the handover as she could not believe that she was moving out of the hut which has over the years exposed her to snakes and the harsh weather elements. She praised the Paiva family and said she was so shocked and did not know what she had done to deserve so much. Pointing at her green fields, she said she would have a bumper harvest as the Women Farmer Foundation had donated the seed and fertilisers.

Swazi Rally also donates water tank

In addition to the house and pit latrine, Swazi Rally also donated a water tank which will harvest rain water for drinking and cooking.

"They used to drink water from a stream which is also used by the livestock,?Paiva said as he approved the rocky stream.

The family used the same stream for consumption as well as to bath, as one of Sibandzeडughter in-law emerged from the bordering bushes carrying her bath towel. There were also children on the rocks who were just completing their bath session in preparation for the handing over ceremony.

Sibandze later let it be known that Swazi Rally had been bringing them life changing water as they were no longer getting sick.

Paiva revealed how his sister Ding Paiva, who is also a nurse, was tasked with teaching the family how to live healthy lives as they had not had a toilet prior to the donation evidenced by the way the children would stand on the seats instead of sitting on it.

"We wanted to use the toilet during one of our visits and were directed to the bush, hence the pit latrine was also built,?Paiva said. Swazi Rally also gave the seven grandchildren gifts in the form of clothes and shoes. Seeing as there were also children from neighbouring families, Sonia Paiva said they had made provision for them as well. Sibandze shed tears of joy when she noted the joy in her grandchildrenডces as they opened the presents they were given. Each child was given two changes of clothes, a cap for boys while girls got sun hats and shoes paired with socks.


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